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Invalid Flags

The flags are invalid:

Getting Started

Please select a standard English ROM of Crystalis. This should only be required the first time. The selected image will be stored in your browser's cache.

You can also run the randomizer locally by installing the node package: npm install -g crystalis-randomizer
cryr --flags="Gt Mr Rlpt Sbkm Sct Tasd" Crystalis.nes


The selected rom image is not recognized. The randomization may not work correctly, and the identification stamp will be different. Please select a new rom image above.



You may specify a seed for the random number generator, if desired. If it is left blank, a new seed will be chosen at random each time. Use the 'new' button to generate a shareable seed, which will be automatically added to the URL.


Your flag string is

The checksum for this seed is ????????